Sunday, 21 October 2012

BLACK By Ezard, The Star

BLACK by ezard
The Star, 80 Pyrmont St, Pyrmont NSW
+61 2 9657 9109

Complimentary brioche was melt in your mouth delicious. One of the best complimentary breads I've had.


- Oysters freshly opened yuzu and wakame jelly ($12)
- Organic Farm Egg potato cream, iberico jamon, herb salad ($25)
- Beef Tartare heirloom beets, spiced herb mayonnaise, mustard ice cream, puffed wild rice ($25)

Clockwise: oysters, organic farm egg, beef tartare

The oysters were fresh. Wasn't a huge fan of the topping and sauces. Prefer just freshly squeezed lemon I think.

The organic farm egg was divine. Crunchy on top and perfectly cooked flowing egg yolk beneath. Could definitely eat more of this.

Neither my dining companion nor I liked the beef tartare. We struggled to finish this which is a shame as I don't really like being wasteful, especially when it comes to food.

(I got a bit too excited when the meat arrived and dug in, forgetting to take a pic first... hence the messy plate)

Wagyu Trio MBS 9+ Rumpcap Striploin Flatiron ($170)
Rumpcap was too salty.

Striploin was so delicious. Near perfect pieces of melt in your mouth beef.

They kindly carved it into nice little bite size pieces for you.


Mushrooms ragout, fine herbs, golden pastry ($10), Wood grilled vegetables romesco sauce ($10), Mushroom sauce ($7)

The mushrooms were hidden under the puff pastry. Interesting presentation. Pretty fun to eat.

The wood grilled vegetables were ok, wasn't a huge fan of the sauce but you know... order vegetables to feel a little healthier.

Mushroom sauce came in a cool mini saucepan container. Fun :D Not that we needed any sauce or even salt for the steak. It was already flavoured.


Chocolate warm couverture ganache, dulce de leche ice cream, peanut butter mousse ($23)
It was a nice little chocolate sphere placed grandly infront of you on the table. Then they pour hot chocolate onto the ball so it melts right in front of your eyes. Quite a spectacle.

My dining companion didn't like peanut butter... and the entire thing was peanut butter flavoured so that meant more for me :p

Order this if you love chocolate and peanut butter.

Final Thoughts:

- Expensive ($282 for 2), even given the quality of the food, service and views

- Would go back just for the brioche, farm egg and striploin

- Somewhere you'd save for a special occasion

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