Monday, 22 October 2012

Fat Bird Express, Dixon House

Fat Bird Express
Dixon House Food Court, Chinatown, Sydney

Hainan chicken rice $7
One of my favourite meals of all time: Hainanese chicken rice (boiled chicken, rice cooked in chicken broth, chicken soup)

I didn't use the dipping sauces at all, just the soy on the chicken plate was enough flavour for me.

The chicken here was so delicious and juicy. Even though this was the breast portion, it wasn't dry. You can pay an additional $1 for the thigh portion.

The rice was good and chickeny, just how I like it.

The soup wasn't crappy msg water, it was actually good chicken soup and I drank all of it (rare for me to drink much soup)

Given how many chickens they go through, makes sense they have a lot of chicken soup

Final Thoughts:
- At $7 for such an excellent meal, this gets 10/10
- Great value, good serving size, healthy meal, delicious all round
- Could eat this again and again and again

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