Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Peking Duck, Kensington Peking

Kensington Peking
172 Anzac Pde Kensington NSW 2033
+61 2 9313 7100
Lunch: 11am-3pm
Dinner: 5-10:30pm
Closed Wednesdays

One of my favourite meals is Peking Duck and Kensington Peking is where I go if I want some.

At $41 for a whole duck and all the trimmings and a second course (I prefer the fried noodles over the Sang Choy Bow/Lettuce Wraps), it is great value.

It is their speciality as evidenced by their name and it is a local favourite popular for its take-away. They are professional at packing up your peking duck set in take-away containers.

Sliced Duck

Pancakes, Sliced Duck, Sliced Cucumber, Leek

Peking Duck Pancake

Pancake All Wrapped Up

Fried noodles w/ duck & bean sprouts

Fried noodles w/ duck & bean sprouts in bowl

The duck is nice and crispy. The pancakes are light, thin and fluffy. The peking duck pancakes are absolutely delicious. The fried noodles are really good too. Really enjoyable meal.

Tip: Ask for the duck shell/bones as it makes a great duck soup. Just add chinese cabbage and vermicelli into the pot with the duck shell and you have a lovely soup for the next day.

I've tried a few other dishes from this restaurant, both take away and dine in. Although the taste wasn't bad (not outstanding), I found the portion sizes to be really small.

I would recommend going to this place for its peking duck only.

Final Thoughts:
- Delicious peking duck and fried noodles
- Great value at $41. Hard to find anywhere in Sydney that provides better value.
- Great quality and fresh duck. Given how many ducks they go through every day, this ensures the duck you order is nice and fresh.

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