Sunday, 21 October 2012

Nishiki, Crows Nest

270 Pacific Highway Crows Nest NSW 2065
+61 2 8021 6688

Been here on 2 occasions

Japanese Yakiniku (bbq) restaurant

First Visit:
Went with a lot of people. I didn't take many pics and we ordered a la carte

Dipping sauces for yakiniku

Salmon avocado inside out roll

Meat ready for bbq!

Second Visit:

Went for the BBQ Buffet with a friend.

We ordered the Gourmet Buffet at $59.80 per person

Nishiki Buffet A
Nishiki Buffet B+C

- Takoyaki
- Nagoya chicken (chicken wings in sauce Japanese style)
- Namuru
- Vegetable egg soup
- Chicken caesar salad
- Wagyu yukke

The caesar salad was huge. A bit too much for a buffet size and was overloaded with sauce and cheese.

Namuru was good, cold spinach, radish, soy beans etc. Makes you feel healthy when you're eating so much meat at a bbq.

Nagoya chicken wings and takoyaki were tasty. Nothing to report here. As per usual.

Sushi Sashimi
- Salmon sashimi
- Kingfish sashimi
- Octopus sashimi
- Hokki sashimi
- Today's roll: bacon sushi
- Salmon aburi nigiri
- Oysters with ponzu sauce (2 per person)

The oysters were fantastic. Huge and fresh. Sauce complimented well too.

The chef who sliced the sashimi wasn't authentic. Sashimi slices were like tiny little strips of something... sashimi slices should be thick and hearty. Not like little strips of confetti.

The bacon sushi was interesting and fun to eat. Quite heavy on mayo but enjoyable none the less. It was good that you can order by the piece at a buffet, so we just ordered one piece each.

For the grill:
- Mushrooms
- Asparagus
- Chicken thigh
- Wagyu rib finger
- Wagyu rib meat
- Wagyu rump
- Wagyu outside skirt
- Wagyu flap meat
- Wagyu oyster blade
- Calamari
- Garlic prawn

The meat was good. Hard to go wrong with beef grilling on a bbq really... but it was very tasty and enjoyable.

Mushrooms are really annoying to cook on the bbq but still, I like mushrooms and they're a vegetable...

Asparagus didn't work too well on the bbq either. They cooked fast and you had to get them off before they burnt

Chicken thigh was definitely made for the grill. Came out perfectly.

Calamari and prawns were mediocre, probably wouldn't order this again.

- Green tea ice cream
- Black sesame ice cream

This place has the strongest green tea flavoured ice cream I've ever had. When it arrived, I noticed how dark green the colour was. Sure enough when I tried it, it was very very very strong green tea flavour. Almost bitter. They obviously used a very high matcha to ice cream ratio. I didn't mind it but I think for restaurant purposes, the ratio wasn't mixed quite right. Good for people who like it this way though

Bill came to $131.60 (Also had 2 drinks - lime fresh and calpis water and $2 for the mesh)

Final Thoughts:
- Nice decor and the place is not smoky (you don't come out smelling like BBQ) which is a huge plus
- Street parking after 6pm
- Staff made you feel uncomfortable. It wasn't so much that they were rude as such but they didn't give off the warm friendly comforting vibe

- A fantastic Japanese yakiniku meal overall. I like to have a little bit of everything and this place has a huge variety of Japanese food

- My favourite price for Japanese BBQ (yakiniku)

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