Monday, 22 October 2012

Shanghai Delicious Food

Dixon House Food Court
Shanghai Delicious Food

This store is in the deep dark corner of the food court next to the toilets.

$7.50 for three choices on rice with delicious pork soup (the soup is actually quite good and flavoursome, not crappy msg water)

Sweet and sour pork chops, vegetarian chicken, stir fried fish fillets with black fungus and bamboo shoots, rice, pork soup
The food was absolutely delicious and authentic Shanghainese cuisine. At $7.50, a total bargain.

I'd come here all the time if it was closer.

On another occasion, I've also had their mini wonton in soup for $5. This wasn't bad. Quite nice on a cold day. Hearty :D

Mini pork wonton $5
On another occasion, I ordered their spring rolls. These spring rolls are fantastic. Authentic Shanghainese spring rolls filled with chinese cabbage and pork. Lots of juicy filling inside and perfectly crispy outside. Deep fried to order. These were really cheap and you get a massive serving.

Final Thoughts:
- Authentic Shanghainese cuisine
- Friendly boss lady
- Very good value and good serving size
- Delicious
- A place you could visit every day and your wallet would still be very happy with you

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