Monday, 22 October 2012

Shanghai Night, Ashfield

Shanghai Night
275 Liverpool Rd Ashfield NSW2131
+61 2 9798 8437

Shen Jian Bao (pan fried pork buns with shallots and sesame seeds)

These are fantastic. Crispy on the bottom, soft and fluffy on top, juicy inside. Remember to bite a small hole on the side, let the hot air escape, sip on the juices. Traditionally, the meat is dipped in vinegar.

$8.50 for a serve of 10

Grilled lamb skewers

Final Thoughts
- Cheap and great value Shanghainese food
- Tasty, heart, filling and delicious
- Ashfield is where one goes in Sydney for Shanghainese food, groceries, the works

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