Monday, 22 October 2012

Woolworths Meal

Yep... you read the title correctly. A quick and nasty meal from Woolworths.

I think I was hungry at about 11pm at night and decided to take a trip to Woolworths :p

This is what I managed to scrounge up:

Salmon avocado sushi, salmon aburi sushi, custard tart

Custard tart $2.40

The salmon was fresh except the rice was horrible. This is what happens when you buy sushi from Woolworths at 11pm at night :p The rice was hard and dry and horrible.

The custard tart wasn't very good. Way too sweet for my liking. Portuguese egg tarts are way better

Final Thoughts:
- I probably wouldn't buy either again but if you're desperate in the middle of the night and you want some real food, it's not too horrible

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