Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Bistro One, Bondi Junction

Bistro One
93-97 Spring St Bondi Junction NSW 2022

I felt like meat today so steak it was :D

Scotch Fillet & Glass of Sav Blanc
Ordered the scotch fillet (300g) medium rare. It was the most expensive steak option on the menu ($24.50) so I was hoping it was a better cut than the $18 sirloin option. According to wikipedia, the rib eye without the bone is known as the scotch fillet in Australia and New Zealand. I was offered a choice of sauces and I went for the mushroom sauce. It also came with fries and a garden salad.

The steak was resting on the chips which I don't really like - I prefer it on the side so the chips don't get soggy. However, the steak was rather good. The outside had a very charcoal-y feel to it and the meat inside was tender. A very enjoyable piece of steak. I'm not really a fan of salad usually but this salad wasn't too bad - simple with just tomatoes, lettuce, cucumber and onion and a light vinaigrette dressing. I didn't really like the fries or the mushroom sauce - they tasted entirely of MSG and chicken salt and made my mouth feel dry and salty and uncomfortable.

I also washed down my meal with a glass of sauvignon blanc ($3.80). Overall, it was a very nice, simple and enjoyable meal.

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