Monday, 5 November 2012

Home: Chinese Hotpot

I've had cravings for Chinese Hotpot and tonight was the day I finally was able to satiate them.

Chinese hotpot is a meal where a boiling pot of broth is constantly simmering away on the table on a portable cooking appliance, usually a gas stove but an electric one works fine too. Diners sit around the pot with ladles and cook raw food in the pot themselves.

I grabbed all the ingredients I needed at Ashfield.

- Portable Gas Burner ($20)
- Spare Gas Container (about $1 - I figured it would have been bad if you were right in the middle of enjoying your hotpot dinner and you ran out of butane gas :P)

- Chicken Flavour Hotpot Broth (about $1)
- Hotpot Sauce ($1-$2)
- Peanut Butter

- Thinly Sliced Beef ($3.50/packet x 4)
- Dozen Quail Eggs ($3.50)
- Enoki Mushrooms ($2)
- Mushrooms ($3 for 500g)
- Fish Balls w/ Meat Filling ($6.50)
- Fried Tofu Puffs
- Baby Bok Choy ($1)
- Vermicelli

Hotpot Dipping Sauce
Peanut Butter
For the dipping sauce, I mixed the peanut butter with the hotpot dipping sauce and it turned out very well.

Clockwise: Baby Bok Choy, Tofu Puffs, Beef, Fish Balls, Mushrooms, Enoki
The hotpot dinner was a huge success and was very delicious. The dipping sauce provided the perfect accompaniment to the food out of the pot. You end up with a very tasty soup at the end of your meal with all the wonderful flavours of all the ingredients.

Calpis Water
I washed my delicious meal down with a can of Calpis Water ($5.50 for a 6-pack from Ashfield). It was very refreshing and provided a nice balance to the hotpot flavours.

Hotpot is one of my favourite meals. It is also a very healthy one as all you are essentially doing is boiling fresh meat and vegetables. No added oil and no frying. The soup at the end of the meal is packed full of nutrients from all the delicious food cooked in it. It is also a very easy meal to prepare - all you really need to do is to buy the ingredients and wash the vegetables. It is considered a social meal by many as every one is huddled around the pot cooking their own food the way they like it.

For Chinese Hotpot Take 2:

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