Thursday, 15 November 2012

Jumbo Thai, Pyrmont

Jumbo Thai
6/60 Union St, Pyrmont
Open 7 Days Lunch

This joint is hidden away in a corner in the little arcade around Coles. There's a few small shops and take-away food places here.
Jumbo Thai Restaurant
Pad Siew w/ Chicken $9.40
Thai Pulled Milk Tea $3
The milk tea appeared to be a strange shade of orange. It tasted delicious though. I must say the entire time I was drinking it, I couldn't help but think at how orange it was.

The pad siew (flat rice noodles stir fried with egg, broccoli, Chinese broccoli & carrot cooked in a sweet soy sauce) with chicken arrived in record time - I'd estimate at about 2 minutes flat. Absolutely brilliant. I could hear the super wok chef in the kitchen going at it.

It had a really nice charry wok flavour to it. The noodles tasted hot, fresh and were springy and chewy and bouncy; very good noodle texture to it. They didn't skimp on pieces of chicken or vegetables either. Not a bad deal for $9.40.

All up, the meal cost $12.40, and arrived within 2 minutes of ordering. That's pretty impressive and was a fantastic feed.

I'm keen to go back and try their "OZ Fried Rice" which includes tomato fried rice, fried chicken, fried egg and sliced tomato for $12.50.

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