Friday, 30 November 2012

Kura, Pyrmont

141 Harris St. Pyrmont 2009
+61 2 9518 7944

Today, my dining companion and I set off for Sushi Club and even before it was 4pm (they close between 4pm-5pm), they had already shut their doors. We both felt like sushi and the only other place nearby open at 4pm on a weekday appeared to be Kura.

After my previous visit to Kura, I wasn't overly impressed with the place as I found the place over priced for what it is - even though it is just a tiny casual eatery with a take-away sushi counter, the prices they seemed to charge were leaning towards mid-fine dining prices.

The other thing that hugely put me off was when you go in, they ask you whether you want take-away or dine-in. I noticed that they have separate menus for both and the dine-in menu is more expensive. That in and of itself I find particularly dodgy.

My friend looked at the menu and found it over priced too. Their "sushi and sashimi combinations" were over priced so we ended up opting to order sushi rolls which seemed to be set at a more reasonable price point.

Beef Tataki $10
The beef tataki ($10) wasn't bad but they had a strange sauce drizzled over it - different to the usual ponzu/light citrusy type sauce most places use. Although the beef was quite good, the sauce totally put me off the dish.

Scallop Aburi Nigiri $12
The scallop aburi nigiri sushi ($12) saved the day for me. These were really good and fresh. So very tasty and at a fair price too.

Salmon Aburi Nigiri $11
The salmon aburu nigiri sushi ($11) wasn't bad too. I like the way they lightly sliced it so the sauce drizzles into the salmon meat. Quite tasty.

Soft Shell Crab $10.80
The soft shell crab inside roll ($10.80) was really good. The rice was good quality sushi rice and the soft shell crab was nicely deep fried. It came together into a yummy parcel of sushi.

Salmon Avocado Inside Out Roll $5.20
The take-away price for these 6 tiny pieces of salmon avocado inside out roll was $5 yet the dine-in price was $5.20. Even at $5, it is over priced. Sushi Train Bondi Junction for example charges $4.

On the flip side though, the salmon avocado sushi was rather delicious. I could definitely eat more of this. They used salmon belly and it was very good and fresh. The salmon belly practically melted in your mouth. Coupled with avocado at the perfect ripeness, these morsels were moreish.

Wagyu Aburi Nigiri $11.20
I did not like the wasabi mayo they put on the wagyu aburu nigiri ($11.20). It was a really strong wasabi flavour unlike the light wasabi butter that Sokyo used. Here, it seemed to drench the beef with the wasabi and mask the flavour of the beef. My dining companion ended up eating most of this dish. The actual beef wasn't bad though.

Kura Receipt
When asked for drinks, we asked for calpis water. The waitress paused for a moment, and then said they didn't have any. My dining companion looked at each other and was like wow, probably the only Japanese place that doesn't offer calpis water. My dining companion hated her iced tea. I went for the organic cranberry and lime sparkling. It was alright but nothing particularly special.

Final Thoughts
- Bill at $67.20 ended up being a reasonable price. At this place, if you're careful with what you order, the bill comes out to be ok
- Different menu and prices for take-away and dine-in puts me off
- A few of the dishes are really good: scallop aburi, soft shell crab roll, salmon avocado roll
- Only place open at 4pm on a weekday in Pyrmont

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