Thursday, 15 November 2012

Bento, Sushi Club

Sushi Club

137/313 Harris St Pyrmont NSW 2009
+61 2 9692 8280
11:30am - 9:30pm 7 days

Closed 4pm-5pm

Sushi Club is one my favourite places to go for sushi so imagine my disappointment one day when I rocked up and a sign said it was "Refresh Time" between 4pm-5pm. Since it's open 7 days from 11:30am - 9:30pm, it does make sense that they need a break.

Since I didn't get my sushi fix yesterday, I tried again today at 5pm and sure enough, the staff all hurried back at 5pm and took away the "Refresh Time" sign.

Miso Soup & Carole's Special ($9)
First came the miso (soybean) soup and Carole's Special ($9). The "Carole's Special" sushi is named after one of the regulars who loved this combination of ingredients: a thick slice of salmon wrapped around a ball of rice, topped with mayo and salmon roe. It actually sounds pretty simple in theory but the combination ends up rather heavenly in your mouth.

Lunch Box A: Salad, Nigiri, Sashimi, Chicken Karaage, Orange, Rice $14
I also ordered a bento - the "Lunch Box A." It usually comes with sashimi, nigiri sushi, salad, chicken teriyaki, rice, orange slices and miso soup for $13. I changed the chicken teriyaki to chicken karaage (deep fried) and they charged me an additional $1.

The sushi, sashimi and bento at Sushi Club is always fantastic. The salmon and kingfish sashimi slices and nigiri sushi were fresh, as always.

The rice here as well as the sushi rice is usually very good. I'm usually not a huge fan of rice in general but given the good quality rice here, I eat a fair bit of it. Out of all the times I've been here, I've only had bad rice once (it had way too much vinegar, was overcooked and very wet) but you know, we can't be flawless all the time.

They also offer complimentary hot green tea (though sometimes the waitresses forget but they'll happily oblige if you ask).

I love Sushi Club. It's the top of my list for sushi. Quality at a fair price.

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  1. The Carole's sushi looks really good! I think I'd love that combination! :D