Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Sushi Samurai Express, Pyrmont

Sushi Samurai Express
3/2-14 Bunn St, Pyrmont, NSW 2009
Mon-Fri Lunch

This is the smaller take-away/fast lunch option next door to the main restaurant Sushi Samurai. There is a small counter where take-away boxes of sushi and bento as well as desserts are displayed.

Aburi Salmon Nigiri Sushi $6.30
A box of 4 pieces of aburi salmon nigiri sushi was $6.30. These were horribly icy cold. Not normal room temperature sushi cold, actually very cold. I wasn't able to enjoy this at all. It just gave off the impression that it had been factory made and been sitting in too cold refridgerated conditions all day long.

Inside Out Rolls: Seaweed+Avocado & Salmon+Avocado $8.80
Like the aburi salmon, these were icy cold too. In addition, the rice was horrible; wet, soft, mushy, overcooked and very very cold. There was also some type of odour emanating from the sushi - it had clearly been sitting in the counter for a long time. Even the avocado had a bit of brown colour to it.

The marked prices for the sushi here, especially for a take-away joint isn't cheap - just the usual market prices except the quality here is definitely sub-par. I for one am certainly not going back here.

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