Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Vaucluse Ocean Foods

Vaucluse Ocean Foods
669 Old South Head Rd. Vaucluse NSW 2030
+61 2 9337 3082
Tuesday - Saturday

Salt & Pepper Calamari $10.50
Vietnamese Prawn Roll $3.50

I love salt and pepper calamari/squid/calamari rings/whitebait and all its other varieties. It's been a while since I've had the dish so decided to grab this today. The salt and pepper calamari was decent, not super fantastic but passable enough and at $10.50, it wasn't a bad price. Some of the bits were particularly stringy and chewy (more so than usual) but it's part and parcel with the texture of calamari.

The Vietnamese rice paper prawn rolls looked so fresh sitting there in the window. Usually when I'm at takeaway places and there are rice paper rolls, I usually get chicken since I'm not a huge fan of prawn in general, and question how fresh the prawns are from small takeaway joints. Since this place is a seafood store, and the prawns were looking so fresh and bursty, I decided to go for it. Grabbed one for $3.50 and it came with a small tub of sweet chili sauce (though I didn't use the sauce).

It was a nice seafood meal for $14.

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