Friday, 21 December 2012

Bistro 80, The Star

Bistro 80

I've always rather liked Bistro 80 every time I've dined here so I was looking forward to tonight's meal. They seem to change their menu quite often.

Bistro 80 Iced Tea
For drinks, we ordered Bistro 80 Iced Tea which sounded fantastic - iced tea with lemon and various berries. Unfortunately, the drink was a complete disappointment. I couldn't taste the iced tea part at all and it just tasted sour and of berries.

Boston Bay Mussels
Boston Bay Mussels ($24): Dry Cider, Cream, Leek, Garlic Bread

The pot of mussels were really good and my dining companion and I both really enjoyed this dish. The mussels were not overcooked where a lot of places do tend to overcook it so I'm glad for that. The creamy sauce wasn't overpowering and just right.

Seared Scallops $18
Seared Scallops ($18): Crab Croquette, Corn, Mojito Dressing

I was really looking forward to the seared scallops because generally, I love seared scallops. I didn't enjoy this dish at all. The crumbed outer layer tasted something like coconut breadcrumbs which I did not like at all. I also didn't like the various spices and herbs that was added on this dish. In fact, I felt like they masked the flavour of the scallops. A total disappointment for me.

Rolled Belly of Pork w Apple Sauce $34
Rolled Belly of Pork ($34): w/ apple sauce, duck fat potatoes, crackling, red wine jus

This pork was absolutely divine. The meat melted away in your mouth and pulled apart as soon as you tugged on it. It was so fantastic and one of the best pork dishes I have had in a long time. My dining companion and I both also enjoyed the crackling.

Surf & Turf $39
Surf & Turf ($39): T-Bone, Prawns, Duck Fat Chips

The prawns were quite bursty and flavoursome - covered in herbs. The steak was really good - tender and quite delicious. We really enjoyed this dish. It also came with some broccoli, duck fat chips and red wine jus.

Roasted Parsnips $8
My dining companion and I both regretted ordering the roasted parsnips. We barely touched this vegetable side. I think we originally ordered it to try and order a vegetable dish in addition to all that glorious meat and seafood. Next time, we both agreed to just stick to the meat and seafood and ignore the vegetables!

Chocolate Creme Brulee $10
This was creme brulee but chocolate flavoured. In theory, it sounded great but I think I prefer the original creme brulee. I was not able to crack the top layer of the creme brulee which is always a disappointment. It was very rich and fat and although it wasn't bad, it was fairly mediocre. The little shot glass of cream/milk was rather enjoyable. The cookies were horrible. They tasted off like they had been sitting out in the open for a really long time.

The bill came to about $150 for 2, but we did over-order. The 3 mains (mussels, pork, steak) were absolutely delicious but I didn't care much for the other bits and pieces. Still a rather enjoyable meal however. Would definitely recommend this place.

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