Monday, 3 December 2012

Eating World Food Court

Eating World Food Court

Deep Fried Whole Flounder $11
One of my favourites from Eating World Food Court is the Deep Fried Whole Flounder for $11. It is simple yet so delicious.

We ask for less salt and no chili and it comes out perfectly seasoned and cooked. The outside is wonderfully crispy and the inside is just fantastic fish meat.

Hui Guo Rou (Twice Cooked Pork) $10.80
We also ordered the "Hui Guo Rou" (Twice Cooked Pork) from the Sizzling Hotpot stall. This was $10.80 which is fantastic value. The direct translation of "Hui Guo Rou" is meat returned to pot. The dish is thus named because the pork belly is first boiled and then sliced thinly, after which the pork is returned to the wok and stir-fried in hot oil. This dish is apparently one of my father's favourites of all time.

I ordered the dish from the Sizzling Hotpot stall except I asked for it to be cooked with no chili (a total transgression from the authentic dish which is cooked with chili). They gave you a little beeper and man that little thing was LOUD when it went off. When I went to collect my tray, the pork dish was happily sizzling away like fireworks.

Both meals comes with a bowl of rice and soup (we didn't have any of the soup though) and at $21.80 for 2, it was unbeatable value. The food was washed down with a drink from Cha Time - pearl milk tea with egg pudding ($6) and a bottle of the aloe vera drink ($3.50). It was quite an enjoyable dinner and very satisfying.

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  1. We just walked past this place and we were just saying that we haven't been for ages. Now I know what to order the next time I do! :)