Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Honey Wok, Kingsford

Honey Wok
321 Anzac Pde. Kingsford NSW 2032
+61 2 9313 6368
7 days and open till 11pm

I was driving along Anzac Parade around 10pm on a Monday night and fortunately a few of the small asian restaurants were open. I walked along the shopfronts taking brief looks at the menus on the windows at the front of the restaurants thinking about what I felt like eating tonight. I was eyeing the menu of Honey Wok when the restaurant lady poked her head out the door at me smiling and welcomed me in. I thought what a nice lady and ventured into the restaurant.

I went with the salt and pepper calamari and peking pork chops.

Salt & Pepper Calamari
Peking Pork Chops
The two dishes weren't bad but not spectacular. I think the bill came to about $25 or so which isn't bad value. There was too much sauce at the bottom of the peking pork chop container which I didn't like and some of the pork chop pieces could have been smaller in size. In addition, the meat didn't fall off the bone as a perfect pork chop should.

Of course, here I am judging against really good restaurant quality from a simple casual Chinese eatery which offers simple Chinese take-away food at decent prices (and as with most of these eateries along Anzac Parade, is kept alive by the local uni students from UNSW)

Now, what I really love about this place is of course the really friendly boss lady and the fact that this place opens till 11pm, even on a Monday night. We all know uni students get cravings late into the night so yay for midnight snacks.

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