Friday, 21 December 2012

Kingsford Chinese Restaurant

Kingsford Chinese Restaurant
426 Anzac Pde. Kingsford NSW
+61 2 9663 1728
7 days 11am - 11pm

I like how some of the places along the Anzac Parade strip are open till 11pm 7 days. Here I am again trying out another one of the take-away Chinese stores.

When I looked at the menu, I was amazed at how cheap everything was - one of the few times this happens these days.

Shanghai Noodles w/ Chinese Cabbage & Pork
These noodles were fantastic and ridiculously cheap - around $6-7 I think. There were the nice thick hokkien noodles that I like with the perfect combination of Chinese cabbage and pork. I'd come back to Kingsford Chinese restaurant just for this dish alone.

Salt & Pepper Calamari
The salt and pepper calamari were really really good. You can see from the photo how beautiful they were and wonderfully crisp and golden. These were better than the same dish from Honey Wok.

Beef Brisket
The beef brisket wasn't very good. It was overly salty. I had to wash each piece of beef in hot water to get rid some of the excessively salty and strong sauce. It also wasn't cooked for long enough and the beef wasn't falling apart and soft as much as I would have liked

Final Thoughts
- $27 or so for 3 dishes is fantastic meal.
- Open 7 days till 11pm is great if you're hungry at night
- I asked for a take-away menu but they didn't have those. I found this rather odd

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