Monday, 10 December 2012

Sizzling Hotpot, Eating World

Eating World Food Court

Not sure what this stall is called but it focuses on sizzling hotpot dishes.

Sizzling Hotpot Stall, Eating World Food Court
I was after a sizzling bulgogi beef type dish but after looking at the various beef dishes on the menu here, they were all Chinese style beef dishes where the beef slices are thick - I prefer the thin type served in bulgogi and gyudon.

In the end, I settled for the sweet and sour pork ($10.80). They asked me if I was after the sweet and sour pork steak ($10.80) or sweet and sour pork with pineapple ($12.80). Obviously I went for the $10.80 option instead of the $12.80 option since they looked like exactly the same thing.

Sweet and Sour Pork Steak $10.80
They weren't kidding when they say "steak." The pieces of pork were MASSIVE. So massive and slippery in fact that they were incredibly difficult to eat when given only a pair of chopsticks. With steak, you really need a knife and fork... as is the case here. I had such a difficult time eating the huge pork steaks that it really took most of the enjoyment from the meal.

In addition, the sauce was too strong. It was too salty and sour and just... too much. I tried wiping as much of the sauce as possible onto the rice but that didn't really solve the problem.

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