Saturday, 15 December 2012

Sukiyaki Beef, Sushi Club

Sushi Club

Here I am at Sushi Club again. Instead of going for my usual sushi and sashimi combination today, I decided to try something else from here.

I started off with the Carole's Special for $9 because I still felt like some sushi.

Carole's Special $9
Carole's Special is one of my favourites: a large piece of salmon wrapped around a ball of rice topped with salmon roe and mayo. Mmmm. Look at all this roe today, the chef was particularly generous today.

Sukiyaki Beef $13
Sukiyaki beef: stir fried beef with cabbage, onion and carrot with a side salad of lettuce, tomato and cucumber.

This dish was actually a misnomer. Sukiyaki is meant to be similar to Chinese Hotpot: very thin slices of raw beef dipped into a pot of hot soup which then cooks the meat. A sauce of raw egg and soy sauce is cracked into a small dipping bowl and you dip the cooked meat into the bowl and enjoy.

This dish is obviously just a beef and vegetable stir fry. I found the beef considerably overcooked - it was hard and somewhat difficult to chew. It was also overly salty and I had to eat a lot of rice with every bite of beef. The portion size was also tiny. There were only maybe 5 little portions of beef in total.

Serves me right for trying to be adventurous eh? Better just stick to the sushi here in the future.

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