Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Sushi Tengoku, Kensington

Sushi Tengoku
121 Anzac Pde. Kensington NSW 2033
+61 2 9663 3388

Sushi Tengoku is famous for their giant sushi. I figured it was just a novelty factor but worth trying at least once right?

It was 9:30pm when I arrived and the store sign says they close at 10pm so I was glad I made it in time. When I went in, their door banged really loudly in the wind. The place was practically empty and they were already packing up ready to close up shop.

I asked them if they were still open. They told me only if I ordered take-away. I replied that was fine. Just as I got a hold of the menu, they told me I could only order sushi and sashimi. Again, I responded that was fine. Then then told me I could only order the raw fish. At this point I was thinking wow, high maintenance much :p

I just ended up ordering their sushi moriawase ($32) which is a combination of 12 pieces of giant nigiri sushi.

I remembered to tell them no wasabi during preparation and about 4-5 of them stopped and stared at me like I was retarded. Ok, I understand that traditionally you're meant to eat sushi and sashimi with wasabi. I don't and don't want to - it just doesn't work for me and takes away all the enjoyment from my food. I'm quite happy with just a nice soy sauce.

After that, they asked me if I wanted ginger. I also told them no ginger. Again, every single one of the chefs stopped and stared at me like I was retarded. Then they asked "soy sauce?" and I responded that soy sauce was fine thank you.

Giant Nigiri Sushi 1
Giant Nigiri Sushi 2
The sushi was indeed very large. It was fresh and quite tasty however too large to pick up with chopsticks (for those who have not perfected their chopstick skills at least) and too large to fit in your mouth. I ended up just eating the slices of fish as sashimi and then eating the rice after... well as balls of rice. I think giant sushi somewhat kills for me of what sushi should be - perfect bite-size morsels that are pretty, delicate and elegant. These are just over-sized and awkward.

In addition, the plastic bag they gave me was sticky at the handles - I assume because the chefs handled the plastic bag. A slight annoyance because it means when you handle the bag, it makes your hands sticky and fishy smelling.

They didn't offer me any chopsticks or paper napkins and I had to request chopsticks.

Although the sushi wasn't bad, the giant factor is just a novelty and I definitely prefer my normal size sushi. The service was so horrible however that I will certainly never be visiting ever again. Fortunately enough for me, the food wasn't good enough to make me go back just for the food.

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