Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Garyu, Bondi Junction

Garyu Art & Dining
1/106 Ebley St Bondi Jct NSW 2022
+61 2 9386 9534

This place used to be "Chikyu-Ya" which was famous for its karaage (fried chicken) and it was really good. I love the dinner bento that was there for $20 which had everything. Unfortunately now, Chikyu-Ya closed and new management moved in.

Now, this place is called "Garyu Art & Dining" and I thought given how great it used to be, I'd go and try it out myself.

They did a little bit of interior decorating to the inside but not much. The sign of the old Chikyu-Ya was still there.

When I entered, the waiter wasn't very helpful. I did end up finding a table in the near empty restaurant though. Looking at the menu, nothing looked particularly appealing and everything looked overpriced.

In the end, I settled for the "Garyu" roll which was smoked trout, avocado, cream cheese inside out roll with salmon roe.

Garyu Roll $15
For only 8 tiny pieces, this cost $15. Even at this point, I thought this was extremely over-priced.

The sushi pieces were actually wet. For some reason, it was very wet: the rice was wet, the plate was wet. It was practically dripping wet. Picking up a piece, it was slippery, and the rice was soaked through. It was saturated with some citrus dressing. The sushi was very sour, salty and wet.

I'm glad I only ordered 1 item. When I got home, I googled "Garyu" and saw on the restaurant review websites, that "Garyu" had sold a bunch of "Groupons" which explained to me why the restaurant was often fairly full. It had mixed reviews but it was an "All you can eat" coupon.

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