Friday, 18 January 2013

Ichiban Boshi, Bondi Junction

Ichiban Boshi
1/171-173 Oxford St Bondi Junction NSW 2022
11am - 9pm 7 days

This restaurant is located in the pedestrian area of Oxford St: "Oxford St Mall" in Bondi Junction. Whenever I pass, it is usually fairly busy which is always a good sign. The last time I went to Ichiban Boshi was before they relocated here and were further up along Oxford St closer to Centennial Park/Woollahra as opposed to central Bondi Junction. It was many years ago and as I recall, the meal was very mediocre. As a result of that, I haven't tried them out since their relocation until today.

I was feeling under the weather so a simple and hearty ramen (noodle soup) was on my mind. Traditionally, Japanese ramen comes in 3 soup bases: miso (soy bean paste), shio (salt) and shoyu (soy sauce). I generally find most places make the miso and soy sauce soup bases particularly salty. Today, I went for the simplest option: the "shio ramen" (noodle soup in salt base).

Shio Ramen $9.90
Shio Ramen $9.90: although the noodles were good, I didn't like the soup. When ordering, I asked for low salt, and yet it still came out too salty for me. In fact, the "soup" tasted like oily, salty, msg laden hot water. The roast pork slice was salty too as were the bamboo shoots.

I also ordered their iced lemon tea for $3.50. You are served with a glass filled with iced tea and one very very very thin slice of lemon and a small container of sugar syrup. I liked this touch since everyone likes different levels of sweetness. I poured in about half the small container and it was already too sweet. I think the main problem was there just wasn't enough lemon. You can't really call it iced lemon tea if you barely put in any lemon - just called it iced tea.

Final Thoughts
- Very mediocre quality food
- Price is the standard market price for ramen restaurants in Sydney.
- I'd like to come back for the rice dishes and some of the other ramen see how they are

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