Thursday, 24 January 2013

Kelly's Bar and Grill, Bondi Junction

Kelly's Bar and Grill
Lvl 6 Westfield Shopping Centre
Bondi Junction NSW 2022
+61 2 9389 8288

We really liked the ribs from kelly's last time - on par if not better than from Hurricane's.

Complimentary Brioche
Kelly's offers more interesting bread than most other places - a type of brioche. The brioche isn't bad but I'm not really a bread person so it still didn't excite me much. The best complimentary bread I've had is probably from Black by Ezard which I really enjoyed.

Caesar Salad
I forgot to ask for no anchovies. I've had better caesar salads. There was too much sauce in this salad - the lettuce leaves were completely drenched in it. In addition, the sauce was too tangy/sour which I did not enjoy with this salad. I could not find many bacon bits, if any. The egg and croutons were mediocre as well. For $19.95, this was definitely not a good dish.

Entree Platter
Entree Platter: 4 chicken mid-wings, 2 boerewors, 8 calamari rings and dipping sauces for $22.95. The chicken wings were sour. Not lightly tangy sour but super ridiculously painfully excruciatingly sour. It tasted like someone drenched it in lemon juice over and over and over again. Both this and the caesar salad was far too sour. The sausages weren't bad but nothing exciting. The calamari rings were pretty good though.

Burger w/ bacon, egg and cheese
Beef Burger: 250g of prime grade beef, lettuce, tomato, onion, beetroot & pickles w/ chips $19.95. Extra cheese ($0.95), extra bacon ($1.95) extra egg ($1.95)

My dining companion ordered this burger and it looked pretty good. It was huge however and he had trouble eating it.

Pork Ribs 600g
Pork Ribs: 600g for $42.95 w/ baked potato. These ribs were good, meaty and not burnt (a lot of places overcook their ribs). It appears in future, we have to just stick to the ribs and burgers from here.

Grilled Mushrooms $12.95
Grilled Mushrooms (side) $12.95: that annoying sour taste popped up again. It was extraordinarily sour.

Virgin Mojito $8
The virgin mojito looked good but there was something about it that didn't quite seem right. It was a well-made rich drink but not entirely to my liking.

Kelly's Receipt
Final Thoughts
- All up, the bill came to $135.85 for 3
- It appears in future, will just stick to ribs and burgers from kelly's
- Must also ask them to lay off the lemon juice/sourness in all dishes
- Unfortunately, a disappointing meal which I had been looking forward to.

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