Friday, 18 January 2013

Mappen, Bondi Junction

5/183-193 Oxford St Bondi Jct NSW 2022
+61 2 9388 0609
11:30am - 9:30pm 7 days

Mappen is located where the old KFC used to be before Westfield moved in. It is the first business that has been successful in this location since KFC. Mappen gets people in by its low prices. The food quality at Mappen isn't bad and overall I actually quite like Mappen.

The one major gripe however I have with Mappen is their take-away policy. They charge 20 cents per take-away container. Now I understand if you originally say you eat in, and then you decide to take-away later because you changed your mind or couldn't finish your meal, and then they charge you that additional amount, that's fair. Also, if you ordered one serving and wanted two containers or something along those lines, I understand that too. However Mappen charges you 20 cents even if you simply want to take-away. You're a restaurant business, not a food container business. I mean seriously? This just puts me off the entire place.

I get the impression Mappen lures people in with their seemingly low prices then along the way before the final total gets tallied, random charges are added along the way. It just rubs me the wrong way. I like it when a business, any business, be it restaurant or any other is honourable and fair.

Anyway, on to the food

Stewed Beef on Hot Crushed Tofu (medium $6.90)
I really like the stewed beef from here. I usually get the gyudon (stewed beef on rice) but I thought I'd try out the tofu. The beef is always good, the tofu was mediocre. If you want to be healthier, I guess pick the tofu instead of rice.

Teriyaki Salmon on Rice (medium $6.50)
The salmon is pretty mediocre but for the price, it's good bang for your buck if you want some seafood.

Kake Soba Medium $3.90
Kake Soba Medium $3.90: thin buckwheat noodles in hot soup. I actually prefer the kake udon which is the same price from here but everyone has their own preferences right? Fantastic value at $3.90 for a bowl of noodles. It doesn't have anything except the noodles and soup but it is simple, hearty and satisfying nonetheless.

Teriyaki Chicken Salad Small $3.60
This salad is pretty mini but has a good chicken:salad ratio and of course for us meat-lovers, meat is awesome and ever so satisfying and salad and vegetables are those green things that make you feel slightly more healthy when you're eating lots of meat.

This salad wasn't bad, a bit overloaded with dressing - probably because it was so mini. A bit of mixed lettuce, some Japanese cabbage salad, dressing and corn.

Fried Chicken ($3.50) Takoyaki ($2.50) Sweet Potato ($1)
After you order your main dish at Mappen, you move your tray along to the side dishes and pick out the ones you like.

Final Thoughts:
- Decent food for the price
- Not entirely ethical business unfortunately

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