Thursday, 24 January 2013

Sizzling Hotpot Kitchen, Dixon House

Sizzling & Hotpot Kitchen
Dixon House Food Court

Often when you venture down into Dixon House Food Court and pass the Sizzling & Hotpot stall, your senses will be engulfed with a sizzling dish ordered by someone else. The wonderful aromas of the sizzling meat, the sounds of the sizzling and the impressive sight of the dish in all its glory. It turns heads and you get the feeling onlookers think to themselves they wish they ordered that instead.

Well here I am today and keen to order one of their sizzling dishes.

Sizzling Hotpot Kitchen
I was hoping for something along the lines of Korean bulgogi but being a Chinese stall (the owner spoke in Cantonese), their beef is much more thicker. I actually prefer the very thinly sliced Korean and Japanese beef dishes and tend to avoid the Chinese beef dishes, but I figured sizzling beef can't be bad anyway.

I asked the boss lady for beef dishes and she first pointed to the super thick beef slices. I asked if anything thinner was possible and she pointed to the shredded beef stir fry. I went for it but asked for no chili. She asked what sauce I wanted, and suggested bbq so I agreed. Upon reflection, next time I won't ask for any sauce and just let it come as it is naturally.

Sizzling Shredded Beef Stir Fry $10.80
Sizzling Beef: shredded beef w/ red and green capsicum, onion, shredded carrot and a bowl of rice $10.80

The dish was rather delicious and very enjoyable. It continued sizzling away for a few minutes after I took it from the stall. It was a generous serving. I saw an older Chinese gentleman who finished half of the dish, then asked for another bowl of rice and a take-away container and then made himself another lunch box for tomorrow.

I actually enjoyed my $11 dish more than the $140 meal from kelly's.


To wash my meal down, I also stopped by Chatime before going down into the Food Court.

I felt like an iced tea of some sort. I went for the large iced grapefruit green tea ($5). It was really refreshing and very tasty. It didn't leave a nasty after-taste in my mouth like some drinks. In fact, I couldn't find fault with this drink. I'm keen to go back to Chatime and try more of their iced teas (with no milk)

For $15.80, my meal today was particularly enjoyable.

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