Wednesday, 27 February 2013

GC 2, Lamington National Park

After checking in and offloading our bags, all that travelling from Sydney to the Gold Coast (a whole entire 1 hour flight), we were starving.

Gold Coast Beach w/ No Rain
The trip boss lady (organiser of the trip) absolutely loved Mos Burger (an Asian fast food chain store only available in Queensland). What was so special about another burger chain? They replace their buns with rice.

Mos Burger Menu
In theory, I probably should have went for one of the rice burgers as a taste test but my craving for real beef burger satisfaction won over and I ordered the "Gourmet Wagyu Burger Set" for $11.45 which includes the burger, chips and an iced tea. Yay, yes you heard me, iced tea. I love iced tea. Iced tea is infinitely better than coke, sprite and all the other soft drinks. I wish all the fast food chains in Sydney serve iced tea - I'm looking at you Mcdonalds, KFC and Hungry Jacks. They serve iced tea in USA so I think its time they do here too.

Mos Burger Gourmet Wagyu Burger
Mos Burger Gourmet Wagyu Burger: ok, so it was just a burger w/ beef, onions, tomato, lettuce, bbq sauce and a nice soft bun. It wasn't super exciting but it still hits the spot and satisfies all those junk food burger cravings.

Our boss lady wasn't letting us rest quite yet after a late lunch: we were to set off to Lamington National Park (I wonder if its named after the food) to see the Natural Bridge at Numinbah Valley and the glow worm cave.

Driving inside Lamington National Park
Lamington National Park 2
After about an hours drive from the Gold Coast, we reached our destination where we had to leave the air-conditioned comfort of our cars and trek into the national park during mosquito time (it was about 5-6pm). We put on insect repellent and hoped for the best.

Lamington National Park 3
The Waterfall
Natural Bridge
Inside the Glow Worm Cave
Unfortunately we didn't see the glow worms very clearly as even by 6-7pm, it still wasn't dark during summer. The Natural Bridge, the waterfall and the cave were still scenic sights and I'm sure our bush walk worked off some of our burgers.

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