Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Gold Coast Trip 1

So when there is torrential rain in Queensland and there are non-stop news reports of weather dangers, storms, flooding, what do a bunch of a NSW residents do? Take a trip up to the Gold Coast of course.

View from Plane
Of course our flight was delayed a few hours. By the time we were seated in the plane, it was still raining.

Up in the Air
The view when you're up in the air and floating on clouds was quite serene.

Hire Car: VW Golf
Surprisingly enough, it wasn't flooded streets and torrential downpour that greeted us when we landed at the Gold Coast. It was... sunny and very hot and humid.

Our chosen method of transport: the VW Golf from Europcar. Two cars for 4 days cost $403.20. No complaints about the cars, they ran quite nicely, were clean and fuel efficient ($75.51 for both cars).

Q1 Lobby
Our residence: Q1 Serviced Apartments. Their boast is to be the tallest residential tower in Australia.

We opted for a 3 bedroom apartment: $864.75 for 3 nights.

Living Room
Upon entering our apartment, the spaciousness was impressive. There was a stark contrast to tiny matchbox sized hotel rooms.

Main Bedroom w Ensuite
Bedroom 2
There was a significant difference to the main bedroom with its king size bed and ensuite with the 2 smaller bedrooms with the tiniest single beds we have ever come across.

City View
Beach View
City View 2
Overall, the Q1 apartment was a nice base of operations: great views, convenient location, fair pricing, parking included. The only critique would be the tiny single beds in the smaller bedrooms. These beds would only fit very small kids who stay perfectly still in their sleep.

At this point of the trip, we were all quite ecstatic that the weather had turned around and we could actually enjoy our holiday.

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