Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Ichi Ban Boshi, Bondi Jct

Ichi Ban Boshi
1/171-173 Oxford St Bondi Junction NSW 2022
+61 2 9369 3980
11am - 9pm 7 days

A family friend from overseas came to visit us so we decided to do the touristy thing and take a scenic drive down to Watson's Bay and The Gap.

The Gap
The Gap
Watson's Bay
The Gap was rather beautiful and I quite enjoyed the trip. Special mention to the "Beyond Blue" and "Suicide Hotline" signposts and phones placed around The Gap.

Our next stop was Ichi Ban Boshi Japanese ramen restaurant in Bondi Junction.

Tokyo Ramen $9.90
Tokyo Ramen $9.90: Soy-sauce soup w. egg, roast pork & vegetables

One of my dining companions ordered the "Tokyo Ramen" so I didn't get to try it today. I've tried their Shio Ramen (Salt ramen) previously and found it mediocre. Even asking the kitchen to make it for me with less salt, it still came out on the salty side for my liking. Today however, the "Tokyo Ramen" looked quite decent.

Chicken Katsu-don $10.50
Chicken Katsu-don $10.50: Deep fried chicken cutlet, coooked in egg, served on rice w/ miso soup.

This chicken "Katsu-don" was delicious and exactly how it should taste. I loved how all the flavours and textures came together. If I feel like katsu-don, I will definitely go back here for it.

Karaage-don $11.50
Karaage-don $11.50: Succulent deep-fried chicken marinated, served on rice; miso soup

The chicken pieces were fried quite nicely except I absolutely hated the sauce that the chicken and rice were drenched in. It was a citrusy sour sauce and really didn't go well with this dish at all. Usually, it is served with mayonnaise. Even the rice was drenched in the sour sauce and it just tasted like sour rice. I felt like it was a waste of a dish. If I ever order this again, I will ask for no sauce - but I probably simply won't order this ever again, and just go for the katsu-don.

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