Tuesday, 12 March 2013

GC 5 Ramen and Wax Hands

Hakataya Noodle
Shop 26 Central Arcade, 3131 Surfers Paradise Blvd

This small ramen restaurant in a small arcade in the Gold Coast is renowned for its ramen. We decided to come try it out for our dinner on our second evening.

The menu here is one of the simplest menus of any restaurant, which my father always told me was the best way to run a restaurant. Do a limited number of things well. A very bad idea is to have everything on the menu leading to a very long and complicated menu, which confuses the customer and leads to difficult decision making. In addition, it leads to longer wait times and leaves the chefs unfocused and hence more difficult to pay attention to detail to so many different things.

Here, there are only 4 bowls of noodles to choose from with the same soup base: tonkatsu (pork bone soup). The tonkatsu soup here is very thick and rich - it is clear that they use a lot of pork bones when making the broth and have been letting it cook all day. I went for the ramen with extra roast pork (extra meat = win). As most ramen restaurants tend to make their ramen saltier than I personally like, I also asked for mine to be less salty.

Roast Pork Ramen $13
This ramen was true to its word and fame - it really was quite fantastic. The broth was very rich, thick and porky - however some people may not like this and prefer a lighter broth. The roast pork was quite tasty. It really was one of the best ramens I've had.

Ramen on the table: non-spicy versus spicy
Although my dining companions enjoyed their bowls of ramen too, they did not enjoy it as much as I did as they found their soup broth far too salty and impossible to drink so they simply finished their noodles.

Sunset from our room
Sunset 2
Q1 Building at night
After dinner, we took a stroll along Surfer's Paradise beach. They had a open air market stalls along the walkway and it was fun to look at all the little trinkets and various services that were on display. There was everything from jewellery to pots of jam.

The final stall we came across was "Wax Hands" and there was a rather large crowd gathering around watching the making. One of my travel companions decided to make his own. So when you take a young male and ask him what he wants to make with his hands in wax, of course only one thing comes into his head.

Making of the Wax hand
The Finished Wax Hand Product

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