Tuesday, 12 March 2013

GC 6 Bye Bye Gold Coast

Our final day at the Gold Coast was spent at Movieworld (http://movieworld.com.au/), Sorry, no photos as you couldn't carry anything and go on the rides so I had nothing on me. Movieworld was really fun and I enjoyed it tremendously.

My favourite ride was Arkham Asylum where your feet are dangling in mid-air. A thrill ride that for some reason was just barrels of fun. Even though the speeds did not go as high as on the Superman ride, the twists and turns made it more fun.

The Superman Escape was definitely one of the fastest thrill rides around. A lot of people wimped out and refused to go. Personally, I love the thrill factor and wanted to go on everything. Especially for out-of-towners, if you take the time and effort to visit, why not give everything a go right?

The Scooby Doo and Green Lantern coasters were also quite fun but less intense as Arkham Asylum and Superman.

Wild West Falls: got completely soaked. Actually kind of refreshing on a hot day.

Justice League 3D: the newest ride built. For this one, you sit in a slow-moving coaster with a laser gun and try to shoot everything in sight. In a rush into the ride, we must have missed the "3D" part and the ride staff didn't notice we weren't given 3D glasses so we actually did this one in 2D. I'm not sure if it was the lack of 3D glasses and we missed out on something particularly awesome but this ride wasn't very good at all. I was going to try it again with 3D glasses but we ended up not having enough time.

Ice Age 4D experience: What makes it 4D? In addition to 3D glasses, you get water squirted at you, wind blown at you and the seat moves a little. I haven't watched the movie so it was an enjoyable enough experience for me but for those who had watched the movie, I was told they just pieced together bits and pieces of the movie to make this one.

Belly Buster's
Shop 5 Centro Surfers Paradise, Cavill Mall, Cavill Ave
+61 2 07 5536 2355

For our final meal in the Gold Coast, we decided we wanted more meat. We weren't particularly sure what was good and just went for a random place we stumbled across near the beach. I didn't even quite catch the name of the place if it wasn't for the receipt (apparently Belly Buster's)

They have 2 special flavours of slushies every day: one alcoholic and the other non-alcoholic. Unfortunately today's alcoholic flavour was mango which I wasn't particularly a fan of so I went with the "kids slushie" which happened to be strawberry. It was exceptionally sweet: so sweet in fact that it was difficult to drink. Give me frozen coke any day of the week instead.

Kids Slushie $3
The Table of Food
Salt and Pepper Calamari $19.95
BBQ Chicken Wings $10.95
These wings were mediocre: fried till a bit dry and laden with a really thick bbq sauce. I wasn't a fan of the bbq sauce drenching the wings.

1kg Steak $40.95
The 1kg rump steak: definitely no match for the 1kg steak we had at Moo Moo. This steak was very mediocre. It was also about a third of the price.

BBQ Ribs $34.95
Very mediocre ribs: tasted boiled and drenched in bbq sauce like the chicken wings. Hurricane's ribs is a lot better.

Surf n Turf $36.95
Surf n Turf (steak with grilled fish and prawns) $36.95: My dining companions told me the steak was horribly overcooked and they ended up not finishing it since it was simply too tough to eat. The grilled fish was really good though and it was probably my favourite item from this restaurant.

Belly Buster's Receipt
Alcohol Consumed by end of trip
Bye Bye Gold Coast
Final Thoughts:
All in all, a really enjoyable trip and a nice break from work and day-to-day home life. The trip was well organised by boss lady and the plane tickets, hotel room, car hire, petrol, theme park tickets and alcohol only came to $373.35 for 3 nights and 4 days.

Movieworld was particularly fun and food wise, the 1kg wagyu rump roast at Moo Moo and the ramen at Hakataya were both fantastic.

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