Tuesday, 12 March 2013

GC 4, Seaworld


Our plan for the second day of our Gold Coast trip was to visit Seaworld.

We started the day off with some breakfast from the cafe near Q1. This was this cafes version of the big breakfast: bacon, sausage, tomato, mushrooms, eggs, baked beans, toast. I think it was $17.50. Even though the food was good as you could tell the ingredients were fresh, prepared individually and not super greasy, this place was obviously not used to being busy - it was probably one of the longest waits I've ever endured at a restaurant.

Breakfast at Cafe below Q1
The following are a series of photos from Seaworld. Pretty self-explanatory really.

Shark coming right for you
Shark 2
Diving Penguins
Swimming Penguins
Penguin Colony
Different Penguin Species (uglier)
Polar Bear laying on the rock basking in the sun
The polar bear laying on the rock, basking lazily in the sun and the heat of that warm summer's day was a really strange sight for me. It didn't seem to make sense to me that the polar bear was experiencing a very hot Australian summer.

Swimming Polar Bear
Theme Park Burger
Theme Park Burger: as we all know, food at theme parks tend to be mediocre and over-priced. This burger tasted like your typical fast food joint burger. It was tasty simply because burgers are good in general but nothing about it was particularly exciting or stood out.

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