Tuesday, 12 March 2013

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This post is is just a few random photos from February 2013.

Michel's Patisserie Tiramisu
Since our family isn't that big on cake (it's very fat and unhealthy and I'd rather use the fat and stomach space for meat), we do a little obligatory thing for birthdays sometimes. This was my brother's birthday cake from Michel's Patisserie (http://www.michels.com.au/) - the tiramisu cake.

Note: action shot lighting the candle w/ our home gas lighter - hey it was a lot easier than matches.

The cake wasn't bad but I much prefer the cakes from Savoy, Haymarket.

Mystery Fish
My father went fishing at The Rocks (I'm certain the parking costs were greater than the value of the fish) and he joked that if he failed to catch any fish, he would visit the Sydney Fish Markets and buy something awesome home instead of coming home empty handed.

He didn't need to do this as he came home with some mystery fish. It was all the same species of mystery fish he caught.

Headless and Gutted Mystery Fish
I took one and grilled it in the George Foreman Grill and it came out very delicious. My mother coated the others in flour and shallow fried them which also came out beautifully.

Valentine's Day Flowers
Nothing to do with food but I thought these Valentine's Day flowers that father got for mother were quite beautiful and wanted to share.

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