Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Kofoo Korean Food

Kofoo Korean Food
Shop G02/35-39 Liverpool St Sydney NSW 2000

I was walking along Liverpool St when this restaurant caught my eye: the huge signs in the window advertising its Korean food as a very successful franchise around the world and its menu plastered all over I was intrigued to check it out.

They have afternoon specials before 5pm for $7. Not sure how long it will go for but it is certainly great value for a late lunch/early dinner as I really enjoyed my meal here and am keen to go back for more.

Kofoo Interior
Since the place just opened in November 2012, it is still very new which is nice as that means everything is nice and new and clean.

Bulgogi Bibimbab $7
As is the tradition with proper Korean restaurants, a few "complimentary" side dishes are brought to your table after you order. Although I say complimentary, it is generally accepted that the costs are reflected into the menu. Surprisingly, no complimentary kimchi was provided but just as well as I don't eat chilli and it would have gone to waste. The complimentary dishes clockwise was boiled zucchini, side salad, boiled bean sprouts. As I quite like all the vegetables in question, it was quite enjoyable.

During my meal and even now as I am looking at this picture, it did occur to me it was very vegetable heavy and a huge absence of meat. Next time, I shall remember to go for the beef bulgogi (bbq beef). Well at least for one meal, I can feel nice and healthy that I've consumed so many different types of vegetables:

Bulgogi Bibimbab $7: bibimbab is a very traditional Korean dish which involves different types of vegetable side dishes and a meat (usually bbq beef) arranged in a circular fashion on top of rice topped with a fried egg. In this case, the toppings included lettuce, beef, noodles, mushrooms, bean sprouts and zucchini.

It is no wonder Kofoo claim to be very popular and successful. This was indeed one of the best bibimbabs I've had.

Note: If you go outside of the "Afternoon Special" hours, this dish will set you back $15.

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