Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Mappen, Bondi Junction


The following are a number of visits to Mappen relatively shortly after my Gold Coast trip.

Gyudon Ontama $7.90
Gyudon Ontama $7.90: my favourite dish from Mappen is the stewed beef w/ half boiled egg on rice medium size. It is so simple and hearty and delicious. At under $10, it hits the spot and is very good value.

Tofu & Stewed Beef $6.90
Tofu & Stewed Beef $6.90: you can't actually see the tofu in the photo as it is hidden under the stewed beef and cabbage (trust me, it's not that pretty or exciting to see anyway). This dish has the tasty stewed beef but for those who want a lighter and healthier option, they've replaced the warm rice with cold chopped up tofu. I must say the rice option is a lot more heartier and satisfying than cold tofu but you definitely feel super healthy after eating this one.

Grilled Salmon on Rice
Salmon-don $7.50: grilled salmon and cabbage on rice. It's not going to be the best salmon you've ever tasted but at $7.50, if you feel like a bit of seafood and don't want to pay too much, it's a good bet and quite healthy.

Kake udon (large) $5.20
Kake Udon (L) $5.20: this is another one of my favourite dishes from here. The udon is always very good - great texture and still chewy (I hate it when my noodles are over-cooked and melt away into the soup) and it is cooked in a very traditional light simple soy sauce broth. At $5.20, it has to be the cheapest bowl of noodles you can find eating out.

Meal at Mappen

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