Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Shibuya Delicious Japan, Haymarket

Shibuya Delicious Japan
Shop 2, 6 Dixon St, Chinatown

After reading Street Food's post on this place, I wanted to come out here and give it a try myself. The drawing point to this place is that every dish is $3.50 even Asahi beer. As most of us know, usually, Asahi beer goes for around $7-8. Unfortunately today when I visited, I was driving so couldn't have any of the beer.

The menu has a wide selection of your usual Japanese fare ranging from beef/chicken terikyai, sushi, salads, tofu, takoyaki, gyoza, tempura, soups, katsu etc. They also have beer and sake. Everything for $3.50.

Rainbow Roll
This was the rainbow roll. It definitely sounds a lot better than it tastes. The sushi was below average. Upon reflection, I realised the sushi plates at Sushi Rio, Bondi Junction were also $3.50 and any sushi plate from there was a million times better than this. This was really a sorry excuse for sushi. The rice was soft and mushy, the fish didn't taste particularly fresh and overall, the quality of this sushi was very low.

Beef Teriyaki
Next up was the beef teriyaki. This was a very tiny serving and there was only a very thin layer of beef on top with mounds and mounds of raw cabbage beneath. The beef was very mediocre and horrible value, even if it was only $3.50.

To add rice with your meal, that is also $3.50. When you think about it, I'd happily go to Mappen for a gyudon (beef w/ rice) instead for about the same price and a lot better quality food.

This place is clearly exactly what it sounds like: cheap and nasty. Sure everything is $3.50 but the quality is so low, I would never go back for the food. Perhaps the only reason I would ever go is if I wanted Asahi beer for $3.50.

As with most things in life, when something sounds too good to be true, in this case, too cheap to be true, it really is cheap and nasty. This place simply uses the huge "$3.50" sign to lure people in. It's no wonder on the day I went it was almost empty.

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