Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Sushi Club, Pyrmont

Sushi Club
313 Harris St Pyrmont NSW
+61 2 9692 8280
Open 7 days, 11:30am - 9:30pm

As for those of you who follow this blog, you all know how much I love Sushi Club and together with Sushi Rio, are my favourite places for sushi.

Usually when my dining companion dine in here, we go for the Harbour Bridge sushi and sashimi platter. Today however, we decided to try out some of the other various dishes on the menu.

Baked Scallops
The very fresh scallop sashimi from Sushi Club is a lot better than these overcooked scallops.

Deep Fried Tuna Belly
This just tasted like tempura fish, wasn't bad but nothing exciting - it sounded a lot more interesting than it tasted.

Salmon Avocado $10
Soft Shell Crab Sushi $13
We also ordered our favourite Carole's Special (salmon and salmon roe w mayo sushi) and all up the bill came to about $56 for 2. Overall, this meal was very mediocre (apart from the Carole's Special which we always will love). This is what happens when we deviate somewhat from the tried and tested and works wonderfully formula.

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