Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Sushi Rio, Bondi Junction

Sushi Rio
Shop 1021, Lvl 1, Westfield Bondi Junction
(Right next to Coles)

A new sushi train opened in Bondi Junction. Of course I was determined to take it for a test-run. It turns out, Sushi Rio Bondi Junction is my new favourite place for sushi in addition to Sushi Sushi in Pyrmont. I even went and used up all the credit I had accumulated on my Sushi Train member card as I no longer needed to go there anymore as I will be coming to Sushi Rio for all future Bondi Junction sushi fixes.

The sushi here is astoundingly fresh, made right in front of you by a Japanese chef who knows what he's doing. Lots of friendly wait staff for a fair price of $3.50 per plate. Needless to say, given it has risen to one of my favourite sushi places, all the following dishes were fantastic. You can tell from the photos of the glistening seafood how fresh everything was.

Raw Scallop
Grilled Scallop
Salmon Avocado
Although there are so many different combinations and toppings for sushi, my all-time favourite will always be salmon+avocado with salmon roe. This combination works so perfectly together.

Grilled Spicy Salmon
Grilled Salmon
Scampi sashimi is one of my favourites - it is kind of like a large prawn/small lobster. The flesh of scampi is so sweet and wonderful raw.

Salmon Tobiko
Another of my favouite sushi combinations: salmon tobiko. Look at how generous the chefs are here with the salmon roe.

Unatama (grilled eel and egg)
Soft Shell Crab
The soft shell crab sushi here deserves an honourable mention as it is probably the best soft shell crab sushi I've ever had from any Japanese restaurant. This was made so fresh and the soft shell crab was super crunchy.

Tempura Prawn
We decided to try some hot dishes as well. The tempura prawn was mediocre but at 3 prawns for $3.50, it wasn't bad value.

Agedashi Tofu
Agedashi Tofu: fried tofu in special sauce (a king of light soy sauce broth) topped with bonito fish flakes. This is a Japanese classic dish and it was definitely not done well here. I will not be ordering any non-sushi dishes from here in the future but the sushi is so good it more than makes up for it.

On a side note, I think it's a good idea to have every single plate in a sushi train type restaurant to be of all the same price. I think it takes something away from the dining experience when you're constantly looking at the colour of the plates coming around, then lifting your head to check the prices that each colour plate corresponds to in the middle of your meal.

Yay for Sushi Rio opening up at Bondi Junction. Please don't ever close.

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