Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Wooree BBQ, Sussex Centre

Wooree BBQ
Sussex Centre Food Court

There is a cold option and a "hotpot" option for bibimbab. I definitely went for the hotpot option even though it costs a little more.]

Bibimbab: traditional Korean dish with a mix of vegetables, beef and a fried egg on top of rice, often served in a hotpot. You're meant to add in lots of chilli sauce then mix and mash everything together with a spoon, resulting in a kind of Korean fried rice of sorts.

Slight problem with my above description as I don't eat chilli. That's ok, it's fine without chilli and still very healthy.

Unfortunately, the bibimbab from Wooree BBQ was very mediocre. I know it was wrong of me to not add chilli sauce, but the dish was very very very plain. In fact, it pretty much had no taste. I ended up having to add some soy sauce just to give it a tiny bit of flavour. The bibimbab at Kofoo Korean Food was a lot better.

I will say this though, sitting in the air-conditioned Sussex Centre Food Court looking over Chinatown was rather nice (in contrast to Dixon House and Eating World Food Court where I just want to quickly finish my food and get out).

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