Thursday, 11 April 2013

First Taste, Campsie

First Taste
233 Beamish St. Campsie, NSW
+61 2 8065 3679
Open 7 days 11am - 10pm

Their other restaurant is at: 316 Forest Rd., Hurstville

I was recommended to a masseuse in Campsie (Universal Kungfu Health House - see brochure below). The massage was very good - the masseuse is a kungfu practitioner and has taught many students over the years. He does not skimp on quality of massage and uses real hand strength to deliver your massage (some places use a lot of oil and vaguely move their hands around without much effect)

Universal Kungfu Health House Brochure
Of course since I was going to travel all the way to Campsie, I must research possible food options the night before in the area.

I ended up coming across Grab Your Fork's post on First Taste and thought having some Chinese herbal soup with claypot rice sounds like a wonderful meal.

Beamish Street is one of the main streets that run right through Campsie. Just following the street numbers for the buildings makes finding everything relatively simple.

First Taste, Campsie
The decor was that of a typical little asian restaurant of the no frills variety. Simple furniture and cutlery with complimentary tea delivered to every table (these came in thermos here). Even though the complimentary tea is generally pretty mediocre at best, I think having some nice warm tea to go with your meal is more enjoyable than tap water from restaurant sinks so am thankful for the tea nonetheless.

I wanted something sweet to drink however and went for the honey lemon drink.

Pork, mushroom, chicken feet herbal soup $3.80
The honey lemon drink and the herbal soup arrived relatively quickly. The herbal soup I ordered consisted of pork, mushroom and chicken feet ($3.80). The soup was fantastic - you really do feel nice and healthy whilst drinking it. It is full of wonderful flavours of the ingredients. If this restaurant was closer, I'd love to visit all the time just for the soup.

From Two Kg's blog on this restaurant, they explain that the soups here are "double-steamed" which brings out the flavours of each individual ingredient in the soup and thus makes it a lot more flavour-enhanced than simply boiling. According to wikipedia, double-steaming involves putting the ingredients in water in a covered ceramic jar and then steamed for several hours.

Pork ribs w plum sauce claypot rice $8.80
Pork ribs w/ plum sauce claypot rice $8.80: Although the pork ribs weren't bad, I thought the meat could have been more tender. In addition, the meat to rice ratio was horrid. There were only a few pieces of pork rib compared to a whole huge heap of rice. I ended up leaving most of the rice as there was no meat or sauce left to go with it.

Final Thoughts
- Fantastic herbal soups, highly recommended
- Claypot rice has serious meat to rice ratio issues
- Inexpensive but healthy and hearty meal
- I wish this restaurant was closer to home, would definitely frequent often

On the way home, I grabbed some bbq pork and roast duck from one of the many Chinese BBQ restaurants in Campsie for dinner.

Overall, a good trip out to Campsie.

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