Monday, 8 April 2013

Sizzling & Hotpot Kitchen, Dixon House

Sizzling & Hotpot Kitchen
Dixon House Food Court

Here I find myself again at Dixon House Food Court. Decided to try the sizzling duck from Sizzling & Hotpot Kitchen ($15)

Sizzling & Hotpot Kitchen
Sizzling Duck $15
Opening up the package, it wasn't particularly pretty to look at. When it finally cooled down a bit and I got to try a piece of duck, I found it overly salty - bear in mind however that I tend to eat less salt than your average diner.

For the price, there was a lot of duck in the package. The cucumber seemed out of place - it was the only greens thrown in so I guess it provided a different colour than brown. I didn't think the cucumber tasted particularly good but I'm not that huge a fan of cucumber anyway.

By the end of the meal, my mouth was feeling overly saucy and salty. Thankfully I had a refreshing iced tea from Chatime to make my mouth feel more refreshed.

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