Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Yakiniku (Japanese BBQ) Buffet Sydney Rankings

I love yakiniku (Japanese BBQ). Buffet means all you can eat bbq meat and really, doesn't that just sound marvelous? You get given plates of raw meat (mostly beef) and you cook it yourself on the grill. Set price buffet means you know how much of a hit your wallet is in for before the meal.

It's very delicious and a meal that friends and family can enjoy and have fun with as well.

My list of Japanese BBQ in Sydney (the 6 I've been to):

1. Nishiki, Crows Nest
- Great quality meat
- Very good variety on the buffet menu
- Nice ambiance and decor
- Not smoky
- Free street parking nearby
- For all the pluses, the price is not cheap but fair and worth it

2. Nikuzo, Bondi Junction
- Very good quality meat and food
- Decent variety
- Free Westfield parking at Bondi Junction
- Cheaper than Nishiki except just as good quality
- New on the scene however so not sure this good quality will be maintained in the longer term

3. Rengaya, North Sydney
- Really good quality meat
- Free parking w/ restaurant
- The priciest of all
- Limited variety on buffet menu

4. Suminoya, Sydney
- Convenient location right in the city
- Price is mid-range but not as good quality as 1-3
- Most people say this place has gone downhill over time
- Very smoky

5. Koh-ya, Neutral Bay
- Probably the cheapest option of the 6
- Great for budget conscious
- Very smoky
- Although variety is large, not much premium offerings

6. Sakae, Eastwood
- Mid-range price but horrible quality
- Don't even bother coming here

= = =

Takumi, Melbourne
- Very good quality
- Nice decor and ambiance, not too smoky
- Very pricey
- Very limited variety on buffet menu
- I'd probably place it under Rengaya in the above list but as Takumi is in Melbourne, this is mentioned as an aside

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  1. I love cooking it myself although a friend of mine doesn't understand the point of going out to it if you cook it yourself. For me it's not washing up afterwards! :P