Saturday, 11 May 2013

Iseya, Crown Melbourne

Crown Melbourne Food Court

This little food court stand in Crown's food court looked like fake Japanese food made by Koreans.

Nonetheless, we were hungry and wanted something quick to take back to our hotel room and eat.

I thought the beef tataki looked quite good and noticed the sign for a $50 meal deal:

Iseya Sushi
$50 Meal Deal:
- Sushi bento box
- Beef Tataki Box
- Seaweed salad
- 3 sushi rolls
- Fried seafood noodles
- 2 drinks of your choice (we went for Lipton ice tea)

The sushi was mediocre, but we weren't really expecting gourmet from a food court.

The clear winner was the beef tataki. Succulent perfectly cooked tender slices of rare beef. Absolute heaven. I could eat more and more of this.

The seaweed salad, your typical little scoop taken out from a huge box.

The fried noodles were horrible: pre-made and sitting in the window for hours on end, super super overly oily and salty - laden with soy sauce.

What I ended up doing was boiling water, pouring it into the noodles to wash off some of the soy sauce saltiness and oil. That ended up working a lot better. Given it was "seafood" fried noodles, there was obligatory cheap bits of seafood thrown in.

It was nice to have some cool and refreshing Lipton iced tea to wash it all down.

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