Saturday, 11 May 2013

Kimchi Tray, Melbourne

Kimchi Tray
2/294 Flinders St Melbourne

I was walking through Melbourne CBD when I happened across this little Korean restaurant - I thought to myself, what better opportunity than to eat some bulgogi :D

Kimchi Tray, Melbourne
This place was clearly run by a Korean husband and wife team. Simple enough decor with the menu on the wall.

Kimchi Tray Seating
After waiting for what appeared like an eternity - I honestly have not waited longer for something so simple and pre-cooked as bulgogi before, my food finally appeared.

It was nice to see even for such a cheap meal - around $10, it also came with 3 Korean side dishes of kimchi, bean sprouts and marinated potato.

The bulgogi was enjoyable, as bulgogi usually is. It wasn't particularly stand out amazing but it did the job. Even though it took so long for them to bring it out, the food was still lukewarm and not hot. I don't really like it when my food is lukewarm. I prefer it piping hot.

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