Thursday, 30 May 2013

Melbourne Trip 4, Rippon Lea Historic Estate

Rippon Lea House & Gardens

Rippon Lea is a grand suburban estate with an area covering around 5.7 hectares. It was a family home for around 100 years before being donated to the National Trust.

I thoroughly enjoyed the guided mansion tour of Rippon Lea and exploring the beautiful grounds. Definitely worth a visit if you're in Melbourne - it's just a short train ride away from the CBD.

Below are some of the photos I took:

Rippon Lea Entrance Gate
Rippon Lea Mansion Entrance
Rippon Lea Service Entrance
The staff entered from this side entrance which led to the Servant's Quarters, the laundry and kitchen.

Rippon Lea Wine Cellar
Rippon Lea Kitchen
Rippon Lea Servant's Stairs
These stairs were only used by the servants. Each of the main rooms had a bell with which the household could press to summon a servant. The specific room would light up on the board above the stairs.

Rippon Lea Stables & Carriages
Rippon Lea House Entrance
Rippon Lea Entrance Area 2
Rippon Lea Living Room
Rippon Lea Living Room 2
Rippon Lea Conservatory
The conservatory could be reached by a side door off the living room. The tour guide explained that the mansion owners enjoyed going to the conservatory and discussing the plants there.

Rippon Lea Dining Room
Rippon Lea Stained Glass Windows Above Staircase
Rippon Lea Upstairs Hallway
Rippon Lea Main Bedroom Breakfast Table
What a lovely place to be served breakfast!

Rippon Lea Main Bedroom
Rippon Lea Bathroom
Rippon Lea Main Staircase
Rippon Lea Study
Rippon Lea Side View Overlooking the Lawns
Rippon Lea Pool & Ballroom
Rippon Lea Tennis Court & Gazebo
Rippon Lea Fernery
Rippon Lea Gardens 1
Rippon Lea Lookout Tower
Rippon Lea View From The Lookout Tower
Rippon Lea Approach To Lake & Grotto
Rippon Lea Waterfall

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