Friday, 21 June 2013

Melbourne Trip 5, Chinatown

What's a trip to any city without a visit to the Chinatown right?

Melbourne Chinatown Arch
Oops, what horrible photography skills missing half of Melbourne Chinatown's arch. Let's try that shot again:

Melbourne Chinatown Arch 2
Well at least I got the full arch this time, just it suddenly went dark :( yay go Iphone camera.

Melbourne's Chinatown is a lot smaller than Sydney's. It's just one little lane that runs parallel to a few of the main streets in Melbourne's CBD.

I passed a nice looking Chinese BBQ restaurant in the Chinatown alley and decided to duck in to give it a go :D (didn't quite catch the name)

Chinatown Chinese BBQ Restaurant
Roast Pork on Rice w Boiled Bok Choy
It was the usual price - of around $10. The pork was cooked really quite well - crispy skin with a beautiful layer of meat underneath and not overly salty. I was also given a nice portion of the pork. The rice they cook here went so well with the pork I managed to finish most of it.

A delicious feed for around $10. What more could you ask for from any Chinatown?

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