Friday, 21 June 2013

Melbourne Trip 6, Crown Towers Room Service

I've never had room service before as I just always assumed it'd be over-priced and not that good - every time on holidays, just seemed to make more sense to go outside and find something.

Having never experienced it however, I was quite keen on trying it out whilst at Crown Towers this time.

Upon returning to our room, there were chocolates placed on the bed.

Chocolates and breakfast menu
Crown Tower Chocolates
These chocolates were rather a bit overly sweet, but when chocolates magically appear on your bed waiting for your return, who's to complain eh?

My dining companion went for the lamb cutlets and I went for the rib eye. I was told it would arrive within 30 minutes. Sure enough, 30 minutes on the dot the doorbell rang. Now that's pretty good.

Room Service Setting
Room Service Setting 2
On the table was salt and pepper, butter and a trio of sauces: tomato, dijon mustard and mayo.

Room Service: lamb cutlets and rib eye on the bone
Both meals look pretty good when taken out. The bread was pretty horrible though - rock hard. Particularly unappetising.

Dry aged rib eye on the bone w bernaise
This was the dry aged rib eye on the bone with what I think was bearnaise sauce. Both mains came with some sides of greens and potato.

Lamb cutlets w beans and potato
The lamb cutlets look good too. Very good size as well.

As I recall, both meals were about $50 each.

Inside shot of the steak
Look at that beautiful inside shot of the steak. The steak was cooked to absolute perfection. When I said "medium-rare" this is exactly what I mean by it. The outside had a lovely grill charry flavour. The inside was so tender, juicy and perfectly pink. The meat was melt-in-your-mouth delicious. One of the best steaks I've had, and what a surprising location to have had it at.

Huge thumbs up.

Since that steak was so good, on a later evening, I decided to order it again - can never get enough of great steak right?

Rib Eye Round 2
This time, I must have gone for the red wine jus sauce option.

Unfortunately, this time, the steak was a bit over-cooked. It wasn't exactly horrible, but nothing amazing.

I guess that first time, just happened upon something amazing.

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