Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Melbourne Trip 7: Werribee Mansion

After having so much fun exploring Rippon Lea  earlier, I did a bit of research to see if there were any other historic estates nearby to visit.  My efforts were rewarded with the discovery of Werribee Mansion - a much larger estate located about an hours train ride west-ish of Melbourne City (Flinders Street Station). After calling up to find some more details about location, transport and opening times, I was told that it would be wise to devote an entire day to getting there and exploring the estate.

After the hours train ride, there are buses that take you right to the gate of the mansion. The particular bus also passes Werribee Zoo which appeared to be a fairly popular attraction in the area as well.

I was pretty excited by this stage walking up the dirt track to the front gatehouse.

Werribee Mansion: Dirt Road Leading up to the Gatehouse
Werribee Mansion: The Gatehouse
I was taking it all in and continued through where at a crossroads there was a map of the estate

Werribee Mansion: Map of the Grounds
Werribee Mansion: Side View
The mansion looked pretty impressive from the side.

Werribee Mansion: Front View of the House
There's an option to just walk around the house yourself, or to book various tours on offer: they have one for the gardens, one for the mansion itself, and one to climb up the tower and enjoy the views. I booked both the mansion and tower tours. I think it's rather nice being taken around by a guide and being told a bit about the history and the rooms as opposed to just randomly walk around yourself.

Werribee Mansion: Grand Entrance
The grand entrance hallway - complete with busts of various people including previous owners and English monarchs!

Werribee Mansion: Study
The study was considered the "Gentleman's" room. Paintings on the walls included those of hunts and a portrait of the owner.

Werribee Mansion: Sitting Room
Werribee Mansion: Sitting Room 2
Werribee Mansion: Formal Dining Room
Family Room
The lovely tour guide told us that when the family were not entertaining would often just have meals in this smaller family room. Breakfast would always usually be served here.

Werribee Mansion: Staircase
I really like those beautiful grand staircases that part into two directions.

Werribee Mansion: Bedroom
The tour guide told us that they attempted to replicate the furniture as much as possible as was originally.

Werribee Mansion: Other Side of Bedroom
Werribee Mansion: Bathroom
Werribee Mansion: Kitchen
Werribee Mansion: Pantry
Werribee Mansion: Games Room
The Games Room displayed a heavy hunting theme - heads of animals and animal skin rugs featured prominently here. Taxidermists eat your heart out.

Werribee Mansion: Games Room Rug
A side door opened out to the lovely little conservatory.

Werribee Mansion: Conservatory
Werribee Mansion: Upstairs Ballroom
A really beautiful house with a different feel to that of Rippon Lea. A truly enjoyable experience and I definitely recommend a visit.

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