Friday, 30 August 2013

Melbourne Trip 12: Polly Woodside

The Polly Woodside is a 1885 tall ship and is located at South Wharf on the banks of the Yarra River next to the Melbourne Exhibition and Convention Centre.

There is a special combo pass available which includes entry to the Polly Woodside and the Old Melbourne Gaol for $30.

As I quite enjoy history, the combo seemed like a fun thing to do whilst in Melbourne.

The tour of the Polly Woodside is designed as an experience and is geared towards kids however adults with a young heart can also have a bit of fun along the way.

After entry, you are given a certificate and are informed that in 1885, to be allowed to work and travel on a ship, you are required to have this certificate, which has your own details, your rank within the ship and your abilities and duties.

Model of the Ship
The staff member dresses up in costume and even puts on a heavy Irish accent for you! (as the ship was initially launched in Belfast) A lot of history and information about the ship is explained to you whilst on the tour.

First Mate overseeing the Pushing of the Capstan
First Mate Overseeing the Scrubbing of the Decks
Ship's Water Closet
Every one was quite shocked to learn that the thick coil of rope on the side was used as toilet paper. When taken below decks, we could see that same thick coil of rope dangling on the side of the ship into the water on the side. Whilst in the toilet, you would use the rope, then pull it a little for the next person to use.

Crew's Sleeping Quarters
Captains Quarters
The Polly Woodside was a merchant ship that carried coal.

Where All the Coal Was Stored
Ship in a Bottle
I've always been fascinated by "Ship in a Bottle" figurines (apparently a rare find).

Overall, an enjoyable experience of life as a crew member on a merchant ship in 1885 and exploring an authentically restored tall ship.

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