Friday, 9 August 2013

Melbourne Trip 9, Joseph's Restaurant

Joseph's Restaurant
Werribee Mansion

For lunch, I decided to try out the more upscale Joseph's Restaurant.

At the entrance was a sign advertising their set lunch menu

Set Lunch Menu
I stood about waiting at the "Please Wait To Be Seated" sign for an exceedingly long time, standing about being entirely ignored by both wait staff who were walking past me repeatedly. They did not even think to stop and ask the person waiting by the sign if they needed a table. I had to call to the wait staff a few times before they came over and even then, the service was terrible. Probably among the worst service by any restaurant I had encountered in a long time. On this alone, I could never recommend this place to anyone and I would personally never want to visit ever again.

Joseph's Restaurant Decor
Table Setting
Some bread and butter and my drink: mansion house Shiraz, Werribee, Victoria

Sauteed Prawns w/ marinated eggplant and parsnip puree
This was a visually appealing dish and aesthetically arranged on the plate. The prawns were very fresh and rather bursty in terms of texture. Not a huge fan of parsnip so the parsnip puree didn't do much for me but I enjoyed the other flavours of this dish.

Roasted Duck Shank w/ baby carrot and parsnip
Apparently parsnips were in season and featured in both my entree and main. I was interested by the concept of eating "duck shank" as one usually only hears about lamb shanks. As you can see from the above picture, the duck was drained heavily in extremely rich sauce and this overpowered my palate. I found this dish exceedingly salty and due to this was unable to enjoy it. The duck meat itself wasn't cooked poorly, the meat fell off the bone and was tender but far too salty to consume.

$44.50 for a 2 course meal with a glass of wine. Not cheap, but for an entree and main of decent quality food, the price wasn't horrible. The service however was horrible.

When I was paying for my meal, the wait staff asked how my meal was. My response was that the food was fine but I was rather confused why they would ignore a patron standing at the entrance for a significant length of time. The woman actually replied that she saw me and thought I was just taking pictures of the menu and not actually dining. Of course that is one's natural thought as to why a person is standing by the entrance to your restaurant next to the "Please Wait To Be Seated" sign trying to get the wait staff's attention. One would think even a friendly greeting and welcome and just a simple "Is there anything I can help you with?" wouldn't go amiss.

I noticed a lot of the diners here were dressed up in suit and tie - perhaps that is the only way to get a table here, in rural Victoria at a tourist destination, bring your suit and tie.

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